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Birth of a New Book

I am so excited to have my new book in my hands and now I am following my dream of waking up the world to this incredible gift of our dreams! In writing Wake Up! I tried to be concise and precise in order to provide a simple process of finding meaning and guidance in dreams. I wanted to share my story about how dreams impacted my life. It was important to include stories of dreams impacting clients and the Institute for Dream Studies’ students. The writing process wasn’t easy, but it was rewarding and even fun at times! I loved creating a way to hopefully help you understand how much you know about dreams [...]

Tuning Into Radio

Tuning Into Radio… I never imagined that I would be a regular guest on radio programs or enjoy it as much as I am. Perhaps the thought of it fluttered through my mind when I heard other people on radio talking about dreams or other passions. Through the past ten years or so, I have done a ran-dom show with an internet host and I did enjoy it but didn't feel totally at ease. I laugh now when I think about the preparation that I did for each program and all the books and notes I had with me as I talked to the host. I think what I enjoy now is the spontaneity of [...]

Focus on Authentic Emotions

Examining the emotions you feel — both within the dream and upon waking — is a powerful key for unlocking the dream’s healing message. These dream emotions are related to your waking-life emotions. Working with them helps you to recognize feelings, reactions, and denial that you may be experiencing in waking life. Emotions lead to feelings, which lead to thoughts, which then lead to actions. It is important to process the emotion before it leads to action. Emotions affect every aspect of your life. Investigating the causes of emotions in dreams will help you begin to understand the causes of your waking-life emotional actions, reactions, and decisions. Dreamers frequently are surprised by the intensity of [...]

Dutch Treat with International Dreamers

What a treat to travel to the Netherlands to join my international dream friends and to present a workshop on DreamSynergy at the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). There were 34 countries represented at the conference ~ I am so fortunate to know wise and wonderful people throughout the world! Some of these people I have known for more than 20 years. I think my first IASD conference was in 1996 in Berkeley, CA. Although we don’t see each other often, there is a deep bond of love and respect. In case you are feeling a sense of unrest in the world and, therefore, in your life, you [...]

Depleted During Challenges Of Covid

I happened upon this article at just the right time. Thank you, Universe! I had a tough weekend -- and yesterday I couldn't stop crying as I tried to accomplish my work. I realized I just couldn't cope with all in the same way anymore. I couldn’t focus or do the intricate work I need to do. I was feeling depressed and disappointed in my mental and emotional capabilities to continue. I allowed myself to stay in that place, shared the way I felt with my caring husband, my assistant (who needed to know I needed HELP with my project), my dream group (always there to hear how I REALLY feel), and my SELF with [...]

Authors Blog Tour

Dreams Gave Me the First Hint of My Inner Author. Recently, author and blogger, Tzivia Gover, invited me to join her and other authors in a blog tour that highlights authors who write about intuitive understanding. I remember meeting Tzivia when she arrived in South Carolina to begin a two-year program in my Dream Certification Program at the Institute for Dream Studies. Tzivia was already well versed in dreams and the workings of the psyche, and I was surprised that she committed to studying in my program. It was an honor to work with Tzivia and she often taught me as much (or more) than I taught her. She was the ideal student, always exceeding [...]

Facebook Series: The Dream Effect (Part 1)

How Dreams Have Played Positive Roles in Dream Experts’ Lives: Through interviews with dream experts, Robert Waggoner, Tzivia Gover and Linda Mastrangelo, we will discuss how their lives have been affected by their dreams. With their stories, you can find ways that dreams can impact and guide you to your most authentic, creative, successful and joyful life. I am fortunate to know the guests as friends and colleagues, who are deeply committed to their personal growth and journeys in life. Hear their advice for fellow dreamers in the process of discerning their path. (Session One) A Conversation with Robert Waggoner:  This well-know author and dream expert shares his journey that led him to his [...]

Facebook Series: The Dream Effect (Part 2)

Join me as I walk you through chapters of my book Wake Up to Your Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career and Health While You Sleep. Continue your dream journey with me as you learn to understand and follow your dreams to your wisest, creative and authentic life. Setting Your Goal for Delving Into Dreams: Let's explore goals that you might choose for your dreamwork, in order to influence your relationships, careers, health and daily well-being. The Metaphorical and Symbolic Nature of Dreams: In this session, I share many ways that dreams are meaningful and important. We’ll look at the metaphorical and symbolic nature of dreams and how we use the [...]

Summer’s Journey

I would like to share a glimpse into part of my summer's journey. Even in my "elder" years, I learned several important life lessons from the process of dying from my 97½  year old mother. I would like to pass on these lessons in the hopes that one or more might resonate in your life.TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE:My mother was willing to make tough decisions and commit to them. Even past the moment my mother signed her own Hospice paperwork, she wanted to be in charge of her destiny.THERE IS ALWAYS TIME TO THINK OF OTHERS:Mom asked us to postpone her service so that the timing of her death did not interrupt important family [...]

It’s that time of year… NIGHTMARE season!

It’s that time of year… NIGHTMARE season! Even if you aren’t scared by the neighborhood ghosts and goblins this week, you might awake from a dream that feels even more tangible and terrifying!! Were you ever wakened by a nightmare that left you breathless or in tears of fright? Do you have recurring dreams that won’t go away? Have you ever awakened from an emotional dream packed with crazy images and wondered, “What was that about?!” Well, you’re not alone! Dreams in the form of nightmares come as a “wake-up” call. In the same way that recurring dreams annoy us, nightmares frighten us into taking action. Nightmares are neither good nor bad but are dreams [...]

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