What Are Dreams?

dreamsWe work with dreams because they are an extraordinary path to uncover our innate gifts, talents, and abilities. By discovering this part of ourselves we become more fulfilled, productive, and happier human beings. Dreams provide us with the ability to venture outside of our normal way of thinking and feeling. We begin to view the world in a new light. When we begin to see things differently, we begin to act differently, to be different. That moves us toward being our authentic selves.

Dreams have been documented as being the inspiration and solution for many important inventions and discoveries. We are our most creative within the dream. Dreamwork is beneficial to people in every area of life – artists, people struggling with career choices, people with health issues, employees in corporations, teenagers – everyone wishing to live a self-actualized life. The knowledge we have through what Jung called the “Collective Unconscious” is remarkable.

Birth of a New Book

I am so excited to have my new book in my hands and now I am following my dream of waking up the world to this incredible gift of our dreams! In [...]

Tuning Into Radio

Tuning Into Radio… I never imagined that I would be a regular guest on radio programs or enjoy it as much as I am. Perhaps the thought of it fluttered through my [...]

Focus on Authentic Emotions

Examining the emotions you feel — both within the dream and upon waking — is a powerful key for unlocking the dream’s healing message. These dream emotions are related to your waking-life [...]

Authors Blog Tour

Dreams Gave Me the First Hint of My Inner Author. Recently, author and blogger, Tzivia Gover, invited me to join her and other authors in a blog tour that highlights authors who [...]

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