When Do We Lose Sight Of Our Authentic Selves?

This past week I’ve been fortunate to have six of my grandchildren — ages 1 to 7 — with us. In addition to the days being filled with fun and love, I am inspired and amazed by their ability to truly know themselves. They know who they are, what they want, what they need, and what they feel. They are great at expressing emotions. When do we lose this ability to know ourselves??? Knowing who we are, what we want, what we need and what we feel — with the ability to express it all clearly. What happens between childhood and adulthood to cause you, most often, to lose your authentic Self? {Your authentic self [...]

Wake Up to Your Dreams in 2021!

Your 2021 Transformation to Positively Impact the World! We made it through 2020, a year full of unforeseen, uncertain, and unexperienced challenges. Now, how are you (and how am I) going to face the challenges in 2021? We hoped the new year would be easier, but so far it's difficult to see. Merriam-Webster defines transition as "a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another." There is not a clear map in any transition process. In personal and collective transformation, we can’t foresee the individual challenges and changes we will need to make. It’s not easy ̶ as a matter of fact, it’s HARD! If we want to see change in [...]

Pandemic Interlude

If I ever needed my dreams, I need them NOW! As I face the challenges regarding Health – Economics – Career – Environment – Politics – Relationships, my dreams bring balance each night. Well, sometimes they bring a wake-up call! I am incubating dreams for wisdom in how to live my life and make wise, intelligent decisions. It’s hard to know with so many messages bombarding us. I never even dreamed that we, individually and collectively, would be in the position we are in. I encourage you to bring your questions, decisions, and challenges to your dreams. You probably already know that your brain, during dreamtime, is your most creative problem-solver. You might want to [...]

Are You Waking Up To Your Dreams During Your Time Of Isolation?

During this pandemic our relationships, career, and health are being challenged. Due to our individual personalities, past experiences and current circumstances, we are acting and reacting to the current Covid-19 crisis in different ways. Thankfully, our dreams will give us a glimpse into our personal ways of coping with our emotions and life in general. I believe listening to your dreams is more important now than ever, and the skills and perspectives available through dreamwork are essential to both personal and collective health and evolution… I often wonder… If the COVID19 Pandemic miraculously ended now, what would I have learned? How will I live my life differently? This uncertain time is certainly an invitation to [...]

How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams While You Sleep

Wake Up and Claim the Love You Desire!People yearn to feel love and connection. Do you know that your nighttime dreams can help you find your perfect match? Who knows you better than your dreams, which are with you 24/7 and have been every day of your life!Why not use dreams to help create successful relationships? By tapping into this innate gift of your dreams, you can move beyond blocks that prevent successful and happy relationships.You are experiencing 5-6 times dreams per night. That is a lot of information offered by your psyche. By using the simple and sustainable process of DreamSynergy™, you can discover and harness your full potential in your sleep. It is [...]

Dutch Treat with International Dreamers

What a treat to travel to the Netherlands to join my international dream friends and to present a workshop on DreamSynergy at the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). There were 34 countries represented at the conference ~ I am so fortunate to know wise and wonderful people throughout the world! Some of these people I have known for more than 20 years. I think my first IASD conference was in 1996 in Berkeley, CA. Although we don’t see each other often, there is a deep bond of love and respect. In case you are feeling a sense of unrest in the world and, therefore, in your life, you [...]

Depleted During Challenges Of Covid

I happened upon this article at just the right time. Thank you, Universe! I had a tough weekend -- and yesterday I couldn't stop crying as I tried to accomplish my work. I realized I just couldn't cope with all in the same way anymore. I couldn’t focus or do the intricate work I need to do. I was feeling depressed and disappointed in my mental and emotional capabilities to continue. I allowed myself to stay in that place, shared the way I felt with my caring husband, my assistant (who needed to know I needed HELP with my project), my dream group (always there to hear how I REALLY feel), and my SELF with [...]

Summer’s Journey

I would like to share a glimpse into part of my summer's journey. Even in my "elder" years, I learned several important life lessons from the process of dying from my 97½  year old mother. I would like to pass on these lessons in the hopes that one or more might resonate in your life.TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE:My mother was willing to make tough decisions and commit to them. Even past the moment my mother signed her own Hospice paperwork, she wanted to be in charge of her destiny.THERE IS ALWAYS TIME TO THINK OF OTHERS:Mom asked us to postpone her service so that the timing of her death did not interrupt important family [...]

It’s that time of year… NIGHTMARE season!

It’s that time of year… NIGHTMARE season! Even if you aren’t scared by the neighborhood ghosts and goblins this week, you might awake from a dream that feels even more tangible and terrifying!! Were you ever wakened by a nightmare that left you breathless or in tears of fright? Do you have recurring dreams that won’t go away? Have you ever awakened from an emotional dream packed with crazy images and wondered, “What was that about?!” Well, you’re not alone! Dreams in the form of nightmares come as a “wake-up” call. In the same way that recurring dreams annoy us, nightmares frighten us into taking action. Nightmares are neither good nor bad but are dreams [...]

Did You Leave One Gift Unopened?

Fellow Dreamers, I wrote this article in 2016 to welcome in the 2017 new year. While reading it again, I am struck that the message is the same today as it was when written. It is NOT too late to give yourself a gift in 2019. Get your dream journal and begin today to record your dreams. Read more for more thoughts on the topic… Christmas and Hanukah have been celebrated and hopefully you, like me, have many good new memories in your memory bank. You have a gift that you may not have opened yet. You may not have noticed, but it is waiting for you to open. The important gift is the wisdom [...]

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