How Do I Transform My Life Using My Dreams?

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By using the DreamSynergy™(DS) process, you can use your nighttime dream messages to reclaim your authentic ‘Self’ and reach your full potential. The synergistic method supports the belief that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual elements. The sum of the emotions, the belief systems, the character traits, the symbols, the relationships, the techniques for opening the dream, the method and people involved in working with the dream – even the sum of the dreams! It all adds up to a rapid personal path to transformation and individuation.

DreamSynergy™ honors the sacred nature of the dream and the dreamer and gives the authority of all dreamwork to the dreamer who dreams the dream. It allows the dream to lead the way with practical step-by-step applications that are easy to use. The emotional, mental, and physical healing that occurs in the process supports the dreamer in challenges of relationships, career, finances, and health.

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Through many years of working with clients, students and groups, three things stand out that significantly move people toward transformation. By learning the language of dreams and working at any level of dreamwork, you are encouraged to focus on Emotions, Character Study and Belief Systems, relating those aspects of the dream to your waking life. This facilitates a fuller understanding and acceptance of the authentic Self which leads to lack of judgment toward others and a ripple effect of healing throughout the world.

This transformation occurs not only by understanding the affect each of these things has on your life, but also by you taking the action necessary to recognize and bring into waking life that knowledge.

Thus, Dreams + Action = Change. Like anything else, you must be willing to put the effort (Action) into the dreamwork to take advantage and reap the rewards (Change).

Within DreamSynergy™ three different levels of dreamwork are recognized; and each level will allow you to delve deeper into resurrecting the “you” you are born to be. Each person will have a different level of commitment and ability to reach the full depth of dreamwork.

Through specific dreamwork exercises and processes you will be able to move toward your authentic self without necessarily requiring the services of a dream group or leader, although I believe that both of those support and accelerate the process of transformation.

Drawing dreams is a good way to bypass the limitation of words in working with dreams. Use your non-dominant hand with no preconceived idea of what you are going to draw. Let the dream lead the way.

By understanding the dream, your personal growth is allowed to flow and expand with time creating a life-long process of personal development that benefits you.

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