The past week has changed my life. It was time to promote my new book Wake Up! Use Your Nighttime Dreams to Make Your Daytime Dreams Come True. I took a big risk and made a major investment to increase the audience for nighttime dreams.

I travelled to NYC last Tuesday with much anxiety about how dreams would be received by the media that I was pitching. I know the incredible overlooked gift of dreams, but would they? Would they consider it sort of hocus pocus, especially the very mainstream media?

Out of over 80 people I met from all aspects of media, I only ran into ONE person who was not interested. Some of them love their own dreams, but weren’t aware that there were dream professionals; some were not aware of their own dreams and were curious to know why; and others actually pay attention to their dreams and use them to their benefit! Everyone was curious to know MORE! (Except that one person and he would especially benefit from paying attention since he was sort of rude to all the people who approached him. (…hmm? Wonder what character would show up in his dreams.)

I not only met over 80 media professionals but also 100 talented and passionate people from around the world, who have a message that will make the world a better place. Hopefully, many of them will soon be speaking more often to the viewing, listening, and reading public. I know that many lives will be positively changed. The topics are as broad as life itself, but all are supporting the desire to help individuals be better off… healthier, kinder, safer, more successful, peaceful, and to improve their relationships.

I can’t say enough about the quality of Steve Harrison and his devoted team who put on the Summit. I always have high expectations of things I decide to invest time and money in, and I was blown away by how they over delivered! I left feeling as if I had opportunities that I could never have done alone — after all, I have been working at getting out the dream message for 25 years!

I have never lost my passion for helping others understand the power of their nighttime dreams. It’s not been easy to stay on the path due to other responsibilities and many other challenges, but I feel like I just entered a huge new arena and chance to make the dream known to more and more people.

Maybe my daytime dreams of “waking up the world” will come true, after all!! Are you using your nighttime dreams to make your daytime dreams come true? Time to Wake Up for the world.