What a treat to travel to the Netherlands to join my international dream friends and to present a workshop on DreamSynergy at the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). There were 34 countries represented at the conference ~ I am so fortunate to know wise and wonderful people throughout the world! Some of these people I have known for more than 20 years. I think my first IASD conference was in 1996 in Berkeley, CA. Although we don’t see each other often, there is a deep bond of love and respect.

dreamworkIn case you are feeling a sense of unrest in the world and, therefore, in your life, you are not alone. I was so aware of it ~ Preparations for my trip were difficult, travel was complicated, and the train schedule was absolutely hectic from Dusseldorf, Germany to Kerkrade, the Netherlands. There were many stories of difficult travel and some members did not make it due to travel problems and other obstacles.

We shared that our individual countries were now in chaos and we were all feeling the results of the upheavals throughout the world. Then we awoke one day to find that that Great Britain had pulled out of the European Union! Since there were many people from Great Britain and from other parts of Europe directly affected by that decision, this news added more chaos. People from other countries were very concerned that even the US is in disorder now. They actually were in disbelief that we as a nation could be so off our target of strong leadership and wisdom.

dreamworkIt was nice to be in a place like Rolduc Abbey, built in the 12th century. It was beautiful and has withstood the centuries through much change in human history. The beautiful Chapel of the Abbey was a quick respite when I lost my centered place within. The unique place and the people we were with gave me a sense of calm and belief that eventually all will be OK.

This group of IASD members is made up of sensitive, inquisitive, and wise people who deeply feel the energy of each other and the entire world. We contemplated that maybe we were gathered in the Netherlands to create grounding for the world. Oh, if we only could! We did our best and I think we did make a difference. Just too much for one group in a short period of time! We certainly felt a deep love for each other and a sincere caring for all the countries and peoples of the world.

We want to extend that feeling ~ to create a sense of grounding and love and acceptance within each of our homes and communities, and then we can link those together to extend across the world. It won’t change things overnight, but it will eventually make our world a safer, more unified and loving place.

Our dreams are coming every night to provide wisdom and to guide us into a more peaceful and loving tomorrow. Are you listening to and following your dreams? I honestly believe that if we all listened more carefully to our dream messages, we could (and would) make the world a gentler, kinder place for our children and grandchildren. What action step based on your dreams can you make today?

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