Oh, my! It’s a new year and a blank slate to create your desires for 2015. What do you want to happen in the year ahead?

It’s hard to achieve a goal that you don’t have. I encourage you to take 15 minutes today to make a list of how you would like 2015 to unfold. It’s much more likely you will find it happening if you write about it in your journal. (Hopefully, you have a journal by now!)

There is a big difference between thinking about something and writing it down. Writing brings it closer to reality. If we just toss it around in our thoughts, we really don’t move the thoughts forward.

If you want to make positive changes in your life this year, I encourage you to begin a journaling practice. It’s a great companion to your dreamwork. Expand your dream messages by journaling your thoughts. You will be amazed at your wisdom.

Ok, time for me to make my list…. I practice what I preach!

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