Answers from Dream Expert Justina Lasley.

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Why should I care about my dreams?

Dreams contain the truths that you need for healthy living. They contain the reality of our human existence — interweaving your past, your present and your future. Dreams originate in your unconscious and provide you with information that is not otherwise accessible through your waking consciousness. If you want to understand your life, your emotions, your talents and your relationships fully, the dream is an excellent teacher! Listen up to reach your full potential!

I don’t dream. What does that mean?

It means you don’t remember your dreams! As humans, we all dream 5-6 dreams a night. Yes, you ARE dreaming. Isn’t that amazing? I find that intention is a key to remembering dreams. Are you intentional about remembering? Do you really WANT to remember? You can’t fool your unconscious. Dream recall is often brief and if you don’t make notes in the night, the dream message will probably slip away. Are you taking steps to write down the dreams you do remember? One step to remembering is to put paper and pencil by your bed so that you can jot down notes in the night while you do remember. The more you remember your dreams, the more you will remember your dreams!

Why do I forget my dreams so quickly?

Dreams are part of sleep and a somewhat paralyzed state of the body and inactive state of the mind. We are truly at rest when we dream and are not distracted by other thoughts and activities. We are free to dream. The moment we awake and begin our daily thoughts, we move into linear thinking. “First I need to get up and shower, then a quick breakfast and get to work and prepare for the meeting. . . .” That’s linear thinking. That is not the state of the dream — it doesn’t respect our “to do” list. So, we have to take time to remember our dreams and make notes before we move into our waking thoughts. Allow time to push the snooze button and lie still, allowing the dream mind to offer you a dream of the night.

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