Does Remembering My Dreams Interrupt Good Sleep?

Often people are concerned about the interruption of their sleep if they pay attention to their dreams. I find the opposite is true. From my personal experience and from reports of dream studies clients, I find that being aware of dreams, journaling dreams, and finding meaning in dreams actually leads to better sleep. Sometimes people have physical conditions that prevent a good quality of sleep and need medical attention, but often our sleep is interrupted by reviewing and worrying about situations that trouble us. We may be caught in the daily emotional impact of our waking lives. By paying attention, listening and trying to understand our emotions and our lives’ journeys, we are relieved of [...]

Tuning Into Radio

Tuning Into Radio… I never imagined that I would be a regular guest on radio programs or enjoy it as much as I am. Perhaps the thought of it fluttered through my mind when I heard other people on radio talking about dreams or other passions. Through the past ten years or so, I have done a ran-dom show with an internet host and I did enjoy it but didn't feel totally at ease. I laugh now when I think about the preparation that I did for each program and all the books and notes I had with me as I talked to the host. I think what I enjoy now is the spontaneity of [...]

Focus on Authentic Emotions

Examining the emotions you feel — both within the dream and upon waking — is a powerful key for unlocking the dream’s healing message. These dream emotions are related to your waking-life emotions. Working with them helps you to recognize feelings, reactions, and denial that you may be experiencing in waking life. Emotions lead to feelings, which lead to thoughts, which then lead to actions. It is important to process the emotion before it leads to action. Emotions affect every aspect of your life. Investigating the causes of emotions in dreams will help you begin to understand the causes of your waking-life emotional actions, reactions, and decisions. Dreamers frequently are surprised by the intensity of [...]

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