My Adventure At NYC Publicity Summit

The past week has changed my life. It was time to promote my new book Wake Up! Use Your Nighttime Dreams to Make Your Daytime Dreams Come True. I took a big risk and made a major investment to increase the audience for nighttime dreams. I travelled to NYC last Tuesday with much anxiety about how dreams would be received by the media that I was pitching. I know the incredible overlooked gift of dreams, but would they? Would they consider it sort of hocus pocus, especially the very mainstream media? Out of over 80 people I met from all aspects of media, I only ran into ONE person who was not interested. Some of [...]

Birth of a New Book

I am so excited to have my new book in my hands and now I am following my dream of waking up the world to this incredible gift of our dreams! In writing Wake Up! I tried to be concise and precise in order to provide a simple process of finding meaning and guidance in dreams. I wanted to share my story about how dreams impacted my life. It was important to include stories of dreams impacting clients and the Institute for Dream Studies’ students. The writing process wasn’t easy, but it was rewarding and even fun at times! I loved creating a way to hopefully help you understand how much you know about dreams [...]

Authors Blog Tour

Dreams Gave Me the First Hint of My Inner Author. Recently, author and blogger, Tzivia Gover, invited me to join her and other authors in a blog tour that highlights authors who write about intuitive understanding. I remember meeting Tzivia when she arrived in South Carolina to begin a two-year program in my Dream Certification Program at the Institute for Dream Studies. Tzivia was already well versed in dreams and the workings of the psyche, and I was surprised that she committed to studying in my program. It was an honor to work with Tzivia and she often taught me as much (or more) than I taught her. She was the ideal student, always exceeding [...]

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