If I ever needed my dreams, I need them NOW! As I face the challenges regarding Health – Economics – Career – Environment – Politics – Relationships, my dreams bring balance each night. Well, sometimes they bring a wake-up call!

I am incubating dreams for wisdom in how to live my life and make wise, intelligent decisions. It’s hard to know with so many messages bombarding us. I never even dreamed that we, individually and collectively, would be in the position we are in.

I encourage you to bring your questions, decisions, and challenges to your dreams. You probably already know that your brain, during dreamtime, is your most creative problem-solver.

You might want to give “dream incubation” a try. Write out your question before going to bed. Go to sleep thinking of the question and be ready to make notes of your dreams when you first awaken or even during the night. You may prefer to use your phone to record your dream story. It’s amazing how much our dreams want to lead us to our wisest, most-capable self.

Dreams are a gift that keeps on giving every time we fall asleep. Wake Up! Your dreams deserve your attention!

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