Wake Up and Claim the Love You Desire!

People yearn to feel love and connection. Do you know that your nighttime dreams can help you find your perfect match? Who knows you better than your dreams, which are with you 24/7 and have been every day of your life!

Why not use dreams to help create successful relationships? By tapping into this innate gift of your dreams, you can move beyond blocks that prevent successful and happy relationships.

You are experiencing 5-6 times dreams per night. That is a lot of information offered by your psyche. By using the simple and sustainable process of DreamSynergy™, you can discover and harness your full potential in your sleep. It is intriguing and fun!

So… How can you improve your relationships by understanding the messages of your dreams?

Have you ever had a dream about having an affair with an ex-boyfriend / girlfriend?

Look at the dream and pay attention to the following elements:

  • Emotions
  • Characters
  • Beliefs
  1. What emotions did you feel when you woke from the dream?
  2. Who was the person you were having a relationship with in the dream?
    Write 3 descriptive words of that person in waking life.
    Do you know that part of yourself?
  3. Do you honor and allow that part of yourself to have a role/ voice in your life?
  4. What is the belief that prevents you from recognizing and honoring this part of yourself?

Often, a person can’t have successful relationships because she/he doesn’t have a good relationship with herself/ himself.

First we must embrace ourselves, and then we can embrace another. We often look to someone else to fulfill our own needs. It doesn’t work. It’s too much responsibility for someone else to carry!

Check out more exercises and techniques for finding the messages in your dreams in my new book, Wake Up to Your Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career and Health While You Sleep.