Join me as I walk you through chapters of my book Wake Up to Your Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career and Health While You Sleep. Continue your dream journey with me as you learn to understand and follow your dreams to your wisest, creative and authentic life.

Setting Your Goal for Delving Into Dreams:
Let’s explore goals that you might choose for your dreamwork, in order to influence your relationships, careers, health and daily well-being.

The Metaphorical and Symbolic Nature of Dreams:
In this session, I share many ways that dreams are meaningful and important. We’ll look at the metaphorical and symbolic nature of dreams and how we use the characters and emotions in our dreams to better understand ourselves. I lead you through a brief dreamwork exercise to gain a new perspective on your personal self.

Change Your Life through Dreamwork:
During this Facebook Live session, I talk about making positive change in your life. Dreams are the perfect companion to change. I lead you through a dreamwork exercise that will help you discern the meaning of an image in your dream; so have accessible a dream, as well as paper and pencil. Learn to put your dreams to work for YOU!

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